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Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios
The Ultimate in Personalized Martial Arts Training - Karate, Kung Fu & Jiu Jitsu Lessons for Self Defense for Adults and Kids.

Discover your "Ultimate" Self with the #1 total body fitness and self defense program for adults and the #1 self empowerment program for kids and teens.

We customize our program to fit your age, abilities and goals. Our program is not one-size-fits-all; our program is all about you....
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Close Combat Training Review
Can Close Combat Training really help you defend yourself? Learn the truth about proper self defense techniques....
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Martin Academy of Martial Arts
There’s not another school in Sarasota that can offer this wide range of martial arts with instructors who are certified with years of experience and not weekend certifications! ...
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Get A Success - Your Way To Success
Get A Success - Your Way To Success...
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Benefits of using knives for self defense
Knives fulfill several purposes and prove useful in many situations and one of them is for self defense. If you are not convinced then the following given article will help you know the various advantages and benefits of using knives for self defense purpose....
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