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How Unavu POS Software System Helps Restaurateurs ?
Unavu is the Restaurant Point Of Sale Software. If you are having multiple restaurant at multiple location , figuring out how you are going track all the ins and outs of your restaurant business can be a difficult task. How you are going to allow each employee access to the point of sale system, manage customers , online shoppers, and manage inventory, products, and loyalty programs? For many restaurateurs, this would be a difficult task for restaurant business and employees together i...
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Why Your Restaurant Needs Mobile App? - Huge Benefits
The number of smartphone users is huge because of its user friendliness and convenience of getting the things faster. That is the reason mobile apps are widely used in business world today. But mobile apps are new to businesses, especially in restaurant business, only a small number businesses have adopted mobile apps. This is perfect time to develop mobile app for your business to achieve a competitive advantage. Let’s see why your business needs a mobile app.
Benefits of mobile app for you...
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Why restaurant business needs merchant account services?
The merchant account services are very helpful for a restaurant business. These services help in reducing the credit card fraud, help the restaurant owners with improvement in sales, and profit through simple and easy payment options. Moreover, it helps in increasing the efficiency of a restaurant....
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What Makes Indian Food Different From Other Cuisines?
Have you heard a lot about tandoori chicken tikka? Is the increasing popularity of Indian cuisine encouraging you to try it? Over years, this food style has secured a place for itself in people’s favorites list. It has emerged as one of the most popular cuisines around world....
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Do You Own a Restaurant? Here’s Why You Need a Website Today!
Whether you’re running a chic café next to the shopping mall or a classy hotel in the heart of the city, a website is something you must have....
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Are employees safe from wage theft in America’s restaurant industry?
Wage theft in United States’ restaurant business is not new. In the last few years, many cases have been reported where restaurant employees demanded their unpaid salaries and overtime from employers. Many popular food industry franchises and establishments have faced lawsuits from workers over unpaid salaries.
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How Greek food is able to win hearts of Americans?
The food has always been on our mind. The food is available to us in different varieties, tastes, color and taste. The person sitting in Texas might get a different flavor of Pizza as compared to another person sitting in Nebraska. The Americans have the privilege to enjoy a different variety of food all the time.
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