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Use Unavu cloud pos software like a pro for your restaurant buisness
A cloud pos software is optimized for fast checkout so the fewest steps possible are required to scan products, select products from a menu, and take all forms of payment. We also support complex situations where you may require to manage customers, take multiple payments over time on held orders, or review your inventory availability across all your outlets. The POS System helps running offline if you lose connection to the Internet or the Cloud and then it syncs the offline sales later.
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How to shape your moods with the architecture interior design in 4 steps

Although the style that you choose for the decoration of your home interiors does matters solidly, colors also play a very critical role in shaping an interior’s mood distinctively. At times, most homeowners find them in an awkward quandary as if which colors to use for the In...

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Where to get a cost-effective restaurant interior designing services from


At TNI Interiors , we are a team of seasoned interior Restaurant Interior Designers who offer complete planning of the interior architecture of restaurants. We have extensive experience i...

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Lands in love Vegan and Vegetarian hotel, restaurant and animal friendly zone in Costa Rica
Lands in love is a vegetarian, vegan hotel and resort with two restaurants, adventure center and animal rescue shelter, all situated in a tropical cloud forest in Costa Rica.
The restaurants offer wide range plates from all over the world, all vegetarian or vegan.
The food is made with love.
Special dishes are prepared for people with different needs such as gluten free, sugar free, lactose free etc.
The ingredients which are used, are of high quality and fresh.
Our income ke...
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Restaurant Menu Analysis & Labeling | Gluten Free Restaurants – Gipsee Inc
Gipsee – Food Allergen Management. Gipsee provides nutrition analysis services covering nutrient analysis, food nutrition calculator and restaurant supply chain solutions...
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Best Mexican Restaurants in Melbourne
Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world for food, and if you are after fresh, clean, and healthy authentic Mexican food, Jalisco Mexican is the perfect place for you! Jalisco Mexican is located in Windsor, a little suburb located down the end of the famous Chapel Street, in Melbourne....
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best hotels in kerala
Finditkerala is the largest growing business directory around Kerala. Our website will feature business and services in every district of Kerala, and it is one of the most used business portal. FinditKerala is the right platform to deliver the creativity and business ideas to our customers....
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Restaurant Coupons & Shopping Offers

One Website to get all online free Coupons. We regularly update, free coupons for pizza, restaurant, fast food & online shopping.
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Top 10 Ways Internet of Things Can Be Used By Restaurants
IOT is one of the most recent technology, learn how IOT will revolutionize restaurants sector....
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4 ways to prevent data breaches at your Restaurant
In 2016, Restaurants were plagued with cyber attacks threat. In the past year, many businesses were affected by data breaches leaving tons of customers’ credit card information at risk. No one wants to deal with this threat, but as the necessity for customer friendly technology increases because of customer preferences. The owners should face this challenge ahead of time instead of facing ramifications which can impact the business negatively and also customers’ privacy.
Credit card transac...
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