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Save Your Relationship
A site that focuses on relationship by providing practical tips and strategies to improve and repair relationship....
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Tips Goda
Dating tips,relationship advice and love and romance tips and advice blog.Or you need help on your relationship dating problems like breaking up or divorce,either you are single or happy married,this is a blog man and woman looking for....
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The Art of Manhood
Passion, Presence and Purpose for the Modern Warrior - Advice for men on women, dating, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and being the best man you can be....
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Gab With the Gurus Blog
The Gab With the Gurus Blog gives you tantalizing tidbits, enticing sound bites and updates about celebrities, bestselling authors and renowned experts, who are guests on the Gab With The Gurus Radio Show ( on Blog Talk Radio. Guests are gurus in health, fitness, social networking, relationships and the Law of Attraction. The show is hosted by Connie Bennett, journalist, certified health counselor, life coach, speaker and author of SUGAR SHOCK!
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Online Dating Blog
Ultimate dating blogs information tips and advices...
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Happy Relationships Blog
The objective of this blog is to provide keys to a happy relationship and real, logical help to couples so they can stay out of the divorce trap. Good luck on your journey as you learn how to have a happy relationship so that you can maintain a healthy, harmonious, loving, affectionate and intimate marriage....
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We Love Dates
Online dating and personals site, free to browse, search, and create a profile....
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How To Get A Girlfriend
Discover the secrets of approaching women the exact way they want to be approached. This revealing set of interviews will improve the way you approach women and increase your chances with them.
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Ava Pierce - The Blog
When all hell breaks loose in life, retail therapy is the best solution but venting is much less expensive! Hang out awhile and enjoy the rants, ravings and adventures of “IT” girl Ava Pierce.
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Moonit's Blog - Make Destiny
Check up on's official blog! Offering the latest and greatest content about relationships, compatibility and general cool-ness on the web, Moonit uncovers why you hang with friends, hate your boss and have the hots for him or her with our one-of-a-kind compatibility tool....
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