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reflects tags blogs reflects the multi-faceted nature of life all over the globe. You will find among these pages serious discussions about current affairs from around the world, lighthearted and humorous ramblings and meanderings, information about the latest gadgetry and gizmos, my opinions on all things under the sun, in short something that is bound to interest any and everyone....
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Mom and Dem
Mom and Dem is New Orleans slang for your family. This blog reflects what I learned from living in NOLA, most importantly the culture of celebrating everyday life with the people you love. Seriously, they celebrate births, deaths, Arbor Day, the third Friday of the name it. This is me living the Big Easy way in the Big D....
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Amin Reflects
This blog is about politics, society, religion and related topics. Focus of the blog is mainly Pakistan and its issues but not restricted to just one country. Similarly other topics of interest and significance can also come under discussion. Blog contains both serious and humorous posts. Feel free to drop your comments!!...
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