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A Kup of Reality - partner blog with direct link
A humorous look at life, public service, people, and the daily news and politics that give us all headaches. Ran by a young libertarian-minded pharmacy tech and musician in the heart of a very very blue Michigan. Life is funny after a few drinks. Laugh at it. ...
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Tutte le news aggiornatissime sul mondo del gossip
News,foto e video sul mondo del gossip e dei reality. Curiosa tra i tanti vip,cantanti,attori,modelle,showgirls,sportivi,conduttori tv e radio....
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Mobile Augmented Reality – Eye can be made to see differently
Augmented Reality that was good for mostly gaming a decade ago, has found promising applications in various segments such as commerce, art, architecture and education. With the added computing power and smart features, the mobiles and tablets are becoming the emperors of digital world of today resulting in a new platform to be opened for AR in the day-to-day life of common people. For rapid development of AR software, software development kits are available from Metaio, Vuforia, Bippar, Layar an...
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Broker Free Home Rentals have Come to be a Reality, Finally!
Yes, broker free home rentals are a possibility! It does sound too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is it is quite possible. You might have been renting homes for long through brokers and might still be looking for a new one to rent. But you must have definitely released that all this time you have wasted a lot of your precious money by paying brokerages to the brokers who have always taken you for a ride. Therefore, being able to locate properties without having to pay brokerage is j...
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Between Reality
A blog dedicated to showing readers what books to dive into, what books to avoid like the plague, and all the rest that lay in between. All the books reviewed are free ebooks on Amazon (and probably Barnes & Nobles too!), come check it out!...
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3D Architectural Animation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development - Yantram Studio
Yantram Studio specialized in 3D Architectural Rendering, Interior Design, Floor Plan – 3D Interactive, Walkthrough Animation, and Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Apps Development....
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Freetvshows,Tv shows, Tv,USA Tv shows, Star plus, Reality tv shows
In freetvshows Watch tv shows and other reality shows here. You can get Reality tv shows, Funny videos on

youtube, Tv, USA Tv shows, Zee tv, Star plus serials.
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Thoroughbred syndications making your dream reality
Many of you must have dream about owning a race horse, but if you are not aware of what and how to do to own, do not worry Thoroughbred syndications are there for you....
Blog Detail > Category: Animals > Hits: 150 > Date Added: 23-4-2015
snap2life, Visual Recognition, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
snap2life is an Image Recognition (IR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology which is supported across Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Snap2life connects Printed Content with virtual objects, animation and the internet. With snap2life image recognition and augmented reality your smartphone can go from a snapped photo directly to predefined online content....
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Time Travel Soon Becoming A Reality
If you can travel in time and stop your own grandparents from meeting with each other then would you prevent your own birth? It’s the main feature of the infamous theory “grandfather paradox”. This theory is mainly responsible to think that time travel is not possible at all. But some scientists think in the other way. After studying the behavior of time travelling photons, they think that the grandfather paradox can be resolved at the quantum level....
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