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Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind
I'm a 30-something female who pretends to be a geek. I ramble. Quite often. I find humor in stupid people and rednecks. I loathe politics, but I find myself agreeing with both Democrats and Republicans, depending on the issue. My blog is full of my sarcasm and wit, with a little intelligence thrown in for good measure....
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I write the ramblings of a disenfranchised group of misfits and their ventures with a world that is not their own, just kidding, we write fucked up stories about growing up in Boston and all the crazy characters we have encountered in our lifetimes no matter where life has taken us, and we talk alot of shit, quite frankly....
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Elbit Blog- Ramblings of the Elfling Artist Meri Greenleaf - partner blog with direct link
Blog of fantasy artist Meri Greenleaf, filled with posts about her art (costume accessories, crochet, jewelry, chainmaille, sculpture, etc), features about other artists, artist interviews, book reviews, and much more!...
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Ramblings of a northern lass
30 something single northern pom living in Melbourne. Sharing the shame....
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Telecom Ramblings - partner blog with direct link
News, commentary, and analysis for the telecom and internet infrastructure sectors....
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Ramblings of a PErsonal Trainer - Manchester, UK
The collected ramblings of me, Tom Godwin, a Manchester, based personal trainer. The blog attempts to cover the various aspects of wellbeing (physical activity, nutrition, and lifestyle factors) in a light hearted and understandable way. The blog is a collection of personal opinion, articles and a reader Q & A, on a wide range of wellbeing related topics....
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Digital Marketing Ramblings & Musings
A blog about news and updates in the world of digital business. Get answers to your questions like How you can help your online business grow? What was the recent google update and how is it likely to affect your website? etc....
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