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Curiousmate cherry-picks news that you are curious about. From Entertainment to Sports and from Technology to Productivity and much more.
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Make Your E-Publishing Effective
Allzonems has adequate experience in e-Publishing services that encompass migration of content from almost any format to digital format. Our publishing team is outfitted to deliver all types of services and solutions for the print, online and media domains.
Allzonems is experienced in the production line of interactive CD ROM's with advanced features such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, search utilities, indexing etc. We also undertake creation and conversion of Catalogs.
E-Publishing leads to...
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Digital Publishing platform-iPublisher
iPublisher is a highly extensible and scalable platform that enables editors and publishers to create and represent content in story telling fashion. iPublisher ​is an end to end mobile publishing platform which is best fit to publish niche content across various platforms & devices to lower on-going publishing costs. This solution integrates an interactive mobile app which represents the content in story based format via variety of rich media template and backed by a publishing platform i...
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Higher Ways Publishing Blog
Higher Ways Publishing specializes in assisting creators in the health, fitness, and relationship industry to translate passion into products that inspire and motivate customers. Based in both California and in Tel Aviv, Israel, it offers digital and hard cover publishing, product and website development, webinar training, coaching program, and direct response and affiliate marketing services. Since its establishment in 2003, the company has assisted thousands of publishers and authors in expand...
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book printing melbourne
Publishing Productions makes self publishing your next book in Australia easy and affordable. Visit today to learn how you can get published....
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digital dopamine for limitless creativity
This blog has full dedicated to creating and publsihing,this bolg will provide the information of Creatives and how can you develop great visual designs, user interfaces that are completely device and platform agnostic.
Making your ideas come to life is now simpler than you might think. Use video, images, audio, slide show, maps, HTML5, animation and proudly see your portfolio stand out from the crowd....
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Trend of Readers from Print to Digital!
Growth in demands of digital / online publishing industry in delivering the content customized to several platforms takes a shot over the print media...
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Sugarloaf Publishing: Guide to Heating & Cooling
Sugarloaf Publishing’s Guide to Heating & Cooling continues to extend help and support through the updated and regular publishing of articles, related contents, questions and answers and so on with homeowners....
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Khalil-Ghibran's Official Author Website
Center of insights into Khalil-Ghibran's poetry books and other works. Enjoy up-to-date advice on self-publishing and how-tos on writing....
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Progressive Publishing Services Blog
The Progressive Publishing Services’ blog explains how their team of writers, editors and designer offer quality content production, design, editorial to meet the requirements of authors and publishers....
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