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PowerPresentations - Presentation Tips, PowerPoint Help, & Strategies
PowerPresentations features Presentation Tips, PowerPoint Help, Strategies & Ideas.
The blog is focused on how to use PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop and other programs to design and deliver better presentations. it features real PowerPoint slide samples and examples.
Additionally, there are helpful tips on Public Speaking + Presentation Delivery great for business professionals, trainers, and speakers....
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Presentations to Grow Your Home Staging Biz
Are you ready to expand your marketing to include group talks to realtors and home owners but lack the confidence to try it? Dana has done 100s of professional presentations and knows that most people are naturally uncomfortable making presentations.

She also knows that if you are properly trained and have excellent materials to work from, presenting can actually be a lot of fun! Some of the highlights of this course will be her tried-and-true templates and tips on creating lasting co...
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Presentation Folders & Small Business Marketing Blog
A unique and interesting conversation about presentation folders and small business marketing seamlessly blended together for your enjoyment and benefit....
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Shift Speaker Training Blog
Shift Speaker Training blog is all about public speaking. It was created by Dr Joanna Martin in response to heartfelt requests from her students to teach them what she had discovered about success as a millionaire speaker....
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Get Investors through Corporate Presentation Designs
Tired of investors banging the door at your face when you go to them with ideas? Well, not anymore! Get corporate presentation designs and turn your ideas into compelling pitches!...
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Facilitated Communication | FacilitatorU
Del had been talking, for what seemed like an eternity and I wasn’t completely sure what the hell he was talking about and why he was so adamant about it....
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PowerPoint Presentation Templates for Data Organization
PowerPoint presentation templates help you organize data and present them in a crystal clear way. Deliver strong business pitches with your presentation.
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Emotional Intelligence Workshop License : FacilitatorU
Emotional Intelligence refers to the complex mix of social and interpersonal behaviors that incorporate intuition, character, integrity, motivation, communication ability, and relationship skills....
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Business Story with Corporate Presentation Designs
Deliver your business story with the help of corporate presentation designs. Tell your story to your prospective investors and clients!
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PowerPoint Presentation Templates for Business Ideas
Use PowerPoint presentation templates to deliver business pitches to investors and prospective clients. Narrate your big idea and strategic intent in the form of a compelling visual story!
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