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Unwilling Adult
I write about a variety of topics that matter to me, such as mental health issues, relationships, society and many more. I also write about my own personal life experiences, and use my blog to develop my passion for writing....
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Escape the Politics Cheap Flights to Tamarindo
Explore various beautiful beachfront rental homes, condos & enjoy your vacation with family in Playa Langosta and Tamarindo, Costa Rica...
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Defying Brexit
Brexit and its impacts in the world ...
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Political Swing
Political Swing covers the most recent and breaking political news and headlines....
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Political Veritas
A political news blog which discusses and analyzes various issues and news stories. ...
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Right Smarts Conservative News
Right Smarts Conservative News brings you the latest in the world of politics, all with a proud conservative bias. Go Right or Go Wrong....
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Reading With A Scientist
This blog comments on current events, including world events, U.S. politics, science and technology, and so on....
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NewsBytes: Latest News, News in Context, India News, Cricket News, Politics News, Business News, Wo
NewsBytes is India’s first explanatory journalism portal which provides current affairs news, information & News in context on politics, sports, business, tech and more....
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UK election 2017: Green Party promises to maintain status quo.
The Green Party’s primarily addresses immigration in the context of Brexit and the rights of EU nationals in the UK and immediately guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens to remain in the UK’ andalsoprotect freedom of movement. ...
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