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Welcome to We not only publish the news that is affecting our country but we participate by putting boots on the ground.We intend to make the changes we want to see, not just report them....
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Tethered Swimming
A look at politics, and news from a satirical standpoint, with excellent commentary, humor and thought....
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Keyboard Militia - partner blog with direct link
Do you know of a story where rights are being wronged? Have a comment of how these hard economic times have effected you, your family, or your business? We want to hear about it....
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The Outlook of a Liberal Veteran - partner blog with direct link
My opinions on a range of topics coming from the perspective of a southern liberal veteran....
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A progressive op-ed e-zine of politics and society from Huffington Post blogger Brian Ross and new voices in liberal media providing out-of-the-box opinion and news....
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Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind
I'm a 30-something female who pretends to be a geek. I ramble. Quite often. I find humor in stupid people and rednecks. I loathe politics, but I find myself agreeing with both Democrats and Republicans, depending on the issue. My blog is full of my sarcasm and wit, with a little intelligence thrown in for good measure....
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Sanjeev Sabhlok's occassional blog
Most postings on the blog relate to reforms of India's governance. The focus is on classical liberal policies and political options....
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Citizens News
Conservative and Libertarian insight on Breaking News, Latest News and Current events involving Obama administration, political analysis, Congress, Tea Party, climate change, society, morality and national security...
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The Free Marketeer
Committed to the principles of free markets and free peoples, balancing concern for the welfare of society and the individual. Commentary on politics and the economy, both internationally and in the Irish context....
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THPSC | Interpretations sans Ambiguity is social site. Our authors are from various professional fields. We share ideas, experiences and observations. We critic positively on social issues and highlight the misappropriations in our society....
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