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How to Fix a Toilet that is Running Constantly | CPC Plumbing
We at CPC Plumbing have seen a marked increase in the demand for eco-friendly bathroom installations and many of our clients are curious about what is involved in this project. Here are some aspects of installing green bathrooms:
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Recurring Toilet Issues And How To Fix Them
Plumbing issues have a way of cropping up every now and then. These systems see a lot of use and as a result the wear & tear on them is higher too. This is very evident with toilets and related fixtures.
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Why are The Pipes in my House so ‘Noisy’? | CPC Plumbing
These noises you hear are called water hammer and are quite a common occurrence. There can be a number of different reasons why this banging sound arises in pipes; the actual sound that they make can help a skillful plumber diagnose what the exact cause of the noise is. Let’s understand a little more about what banging pipes are and how the problem can be rectified.
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