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Pretty Photoshop Actions Blog
Our extensive Photography and Photoshop blog offers tons tutorials, articles, free PS training videos and lots more to help you master Photoshop, improve your photography skills and edit more confidently today! Check us out, be inspired and create the look you’ve been dreaming of....
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From Inner Man
Private views and thoughts from a German male written in English about life, tv, animals, fashion, spirituality, politics and more.
Comments possible in English or German.
TV caps, fashion and animal photos....
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Northern Maine Adventures
The blog about a Baltimore suburban kid who went to Maine, chased a few country girls around, became a bear hunting guide, and fit right in with the country folks. Lots of photos and stories. ...
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Free Photoshop Lessons
Free Photoshop Lessons for all! You will learn how to use brushes, elliptical marquee tool, rectangular marquee tool, how to draw a flare and so on!...
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You will find in this blog some photoshop CS3 workflow in the scientific domain
There will be also in the near future some articles about the mistery of the brain and the relation with life religion behavior and so far
Please enjoy ...
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photos,videos,citations biographies - partner blog with direct link
Vous trouverez sur ce site, des milliers de citations et de proverbes du monde entier qui vous amèneront du rire aux larmes et vous passionneront par leurs structures et leurs originalités. Ces phrases célèbres soulignent agréablement quelques galeries photos de thèmes différents, et des dizaines de biographies illustrées qui vous apporteront une documentation originale pour rédiger vos exposés...
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Images et Photos Gratuites
Zoduz - Images et Photos Gratuites a Telecharger....
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Digital Vitima
Blog with many tips to: arts, photoshop, music, tutorials, etc.....
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ATP Men Tennis - partner blog with direct link
Everthing about ATP Men Tennis
News, videos, photos, results,d raws, interview and more...
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UFO pictures and photos
UFO pictures and photos, is a blog where I show my UFO photographs and these are pictures taken with digital SLR cameras and in high resolution....
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