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visual evasion
Visual evasion, Jeremie Werner's weblog. Graphic design, webdesign, illustration, photography and more ! Daily update with many articles and interviews about design and multimedia....
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From Inner Man
Private views and thoughts from a German male written in English about life, tv, animals, fashion, spirituality, politics and more.
Comments possible in English or German.
TV caps, fashion and animal photos....
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Northern Maine Adventures
The blog about a Baltimore suburban kid who went to Maine, chased a few country girls around, became a bear hunting guide, and fit right in with the country folks. Lots of photos and stories. ...
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Free Photoshop Lessons
Free Photoshop Lessons for all! You will learn how to use brushes, elliptical marquee tool, rectangular marquee tool, how to draw a flare and so on!...
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colors of pakistan - partner blog with direct link
In this blog I have tried capture the colors of Pakistan, although I strongly believe that the beauty seen by naked eye cannot be captured as it is by any lens. All the shots displayed in this blog are taken by me during different travels around the land and are not edited....
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PicsArt Blog
PicsArt is a comprehensive photo editing application with more than 250 million downloads and over 65 million monthly active users. PicsArt easy to use effects, tools, collage frames, drawing tools help to make creative artwork from your camera shots.Join PicsArt today! ...
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Kiddo Photography
digital photo gallery.
fotografiile mele.
lumea mea.
lumea lor.
abia invat sa vorbesc. cele cateva cuvinte de pana acum au fost rostite alaturi de un finepix5600....
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Laura Tucker Photography
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You will find in this blog some photoshop CS3 workflow in the scientific domain
There will be also in the near future some articles about the mistery of the brain and the relation with life religion behavior and so far
Please enjoy ...
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dh digital arts blog
Ein Blog rund um die Fotografie Tipps und Tricks, Trends, Gedankenaustausch. Schwerpunkt Fotografie allgemein, Lost Places, Lightpainting.
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