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MommyTina - partner blog with direct link
This blog is a reflection of who I am and the things that matters most to me. This is my way of reaching as many people as I can and my way of sharing what I know to be true, of things that work, of things that are worth knowing; things that will help people become better....
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My Planet Philippines - partner blog with direct link
myPlanetPhilippines is a blog about the Philippines itself, its beauty and grandeur, the life of the Filipino people and why it is called the Pearl of the Orient Seas....
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Traveling the Philippines with bembem and weng - partner blog with direct link
A travel blog about our adventures and misadventures in traveling around the Philippines. You can find tips and guides to different destinations in the county. We will feature the beautiful 7107 islands and white sand beaches of the Philippines....
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Philipines Guide, Culture, Maps Babes
Philippines travel guide is a blog on everything there is for the traveller to the Philippines, from restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and general entertainment, to local attractionsit also has information on festivels and whats going on in the Philippine islands from Manila to Davao....
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The Wutzup Philippines
The is one stop portal where we have combined the latest news about Philippine entertainment, fashion, business and others....
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Philippines Sports Blog
A blog delivering the latest developments about the Philippine national football team. News, photos and videos.
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The Rondubic Code
If Christians have a Bible and Muslims have Qur'an. And if Plato has The Republic, Machiavelli has The Prince, I also have The Rondubic Code. I will live as a writer who keeps alive the music of the language, holds head and heart together in the words, and writes in hope and passion that one person will be better because he or she reads what I wrote....
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Outsourcing to the Philippines
news and updates about outsourcing business processes. This includes news on call center, back office solutions, and web services....
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The Filipino Blogger - partner blog with direct link
a humble blog about Juan Dela Cruz, his fellow Noypis and the country called Pinas and its neighborhood. ...
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Business Processes SMEs Should Outsource to BPO Companies in the Philippines
New entrepreneurs tend to run the whole show, even taking on functions that are outside their area of expertise. And this false sense of “being your own boss” has led a number of once-flourishing businesses to flounder and fail. These start-ups are so cocksure, but they fail to realize that they have some knowledge gaps in their core teams. As a newcomer in business, have you realized this?...
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