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Let generosity be painted on this blog
The official blog of an unemployed Canadian writer named Tony Giusto. He's not rich, good looking or famous, but he is as funny as fuck. And fuck is pretty damn funny. ...
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Boston Painting Co
Expert Painting Services company, providing professional painting services for Residential, Commercial, both interior and exterior. ...
Blog Detail > Category: Services > Hits: 1800 > Date Added: 20-8-2017
Paint is not Dead - partner blog with direct link
Blog dedicated to fine arts and painting....
Blog Detail > Category: Arts > Hits: 1507 > Date Added: 30-8-2008
Painting Journal
Jill Stefani Wagner's Painting Journal highlights her recent pastel and watercolor paintings. Jill's landscape, floral and figurative images are filled with color and light and are available for sale through the artist....
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Hawtin Art - Abstract Expressionistic Art - partner blog with direct link
Jaclyn Hawtin is an abstract expressionistic artist based out Phoenix Arizona. She works in mixed media and specializes in exotic body painting. Her paintings and work are based off of her visions and dreams. ...
Blog Detail > Category: Arts > Hits: 1141 > Date Added: 19-11-2009
Chasing Vincent - Art History. Oil Painting
Consider Vincent van Gogh, who began his oil painting career at the age of 27 with limited resources and only 10 years to develop his work. Following in his footsteps with much better resources but considerably less free time, will his artistic journey be obtainable?...
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Pain of Poetry
My writing’s are exerts of my life, coming together with words of my soul. I am the descendant of the mighty Arab’s of the desert. The lover’s of the sand, the riders of the wind. I am the being of a human trapped within words and confused within. I am an expression of god....
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Original Arts Blog
Original art blog by working artist - regularly updated....
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Art Mystic - partner blog with direct link
Artistic, mystical encounters with paint and passion - a new series: One Woman's "Journey into Intimacy" - acrylic and pastel on paper and silk....
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Painting Ezols for You
This blog is supporting a website which has a wide selection of easels and painting panels. It focuses on an array of wood easels, painting tips, artistic tools and reviews....
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