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I am a digital marketer & loves technology...
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5 Help Desk Outsourcing Services Tips for Every CTO
For anyone who is or who will be looking for IT help desk outsourcing services, these tips will prove valuable. If you are beginner in the outsourcing world, it is natural to have your share of doubts and anticipations.
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Article World.
This is a blog on a IT farm name Uttara Info Tech. Uttara Info Tech has been doing a lot of task regarding IT related issues. We provide lots of services that is very important. We have been promising every promises that we give to the clients. ...
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The Art of Recruitment
This blog is about the process of Recruitment. It defines the detailed description of the Recruitment process. ...
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Blog is dedicated to software development outsourcing tips....
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3 Main Reasons Why Outsourcing to the Philippines is Better than Local Hiring
When do we need to outsource jobs instead of hiring a local employee? There are no hard and fast rule to help you decide whether to outsource tasks or not. As a business owner, you want the absolute best for your business....
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3 Main_Reasons_Why_Outsourcing_to_the_Philippines_is_Better_than_Local_Hiring
When do we need to outsource jobs instead of hiring a local employee? Thereís no clear-cut definition of when to outsource and when to keep the work in-house. And as an entrepreneur, you want the absolute best for your business.

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4 benefits of help desk outsourcing?
Help desk outsourcing offers customer or end users with information and support related to a technology, software or company. Read its 4 benefits.
40% of help desk positions in the banking industry are held by help desk outsourcing services. Around 55% of customers are likely to get attracted towards excellent customer service. 85% of the customers are ready to pay more for upgraded help desk experience. Outsourcing cost success rate for help desk is 74%.
(Source: credit donkey, computer...
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Software Testing Services - Should I Look Offshore or Nearshore?
So you've decided to pursue outsourcing...great choice! Outsourcing QA is an excellent way to reduce training and management costs while gaining access to highly skilled test engineers, state-of-the-art facilities and an overnight test cycle. But many of companies are getting confused while hiring Offshore or Nearshore software testing service provider, If you're among them and searching for the best, Then consider partnering with QASource that deliver high-quality software testing services on t...
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How HR outsourcing services helps to grow your business?
The HR department is an important part of any organization, however, when HR faculties donít have sufficient time, space or assets to handle each part of their area of expertise, your whole business can endure.
HR outsourcing services permit your business to outsource a scope of undertakings from advantage organization and preparing to recruit, hiring and payroll organization. These HR solutions are perfect for organizations of all sizes that donít have the assets required to grow an in-hous...
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