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Public Relations India|Open Source PR
Public Relations India blog, PR agencies, associations, news and Open Source PR ideas ...
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Open Source Softwares
There is very different free & open source softwares in different categories.
Open-source software (OSS) is computer software that is available in source code form for which the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that permits users to study, change, and improve the software....
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social networking community
Agriya, a web development company, offers world class scripts for developing community site, video sharing site, knowledge sharing site, social networking site and social bookmarking site, and services like web development, web designing, open source customization, SEO, enterprise solution, technical writing and flash development. Other hot products at its store are FLV player, smarterscripts, quickcam, HD player and Ocarda....
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Open source and Computer technology
Open source and Computer technology...
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agriya flv recorder
Agriya, a web development company, offers web products like Rayzz, Kootali, Anova, FLV player, HD player, quick cam, MarkIt and Volume, and web services like SEO, Internet Marketing, web development, flash development, open source customization, web designing, social networks and project consultation....
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free and open sources tools for web developers and designers.
free online service given to as to solved the issues raised
in our webside by giving a alert email to help us in solving
java script is uses arised when users visit our website.
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Meteor JS Open Source Platform for Web and Mobile Apps
Meteor JS is an open-source javascript platform used to develop web and mobile applications in real time. It is basically derived from the most popular node.js....
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Oscommerce designers India
Ecommerce design provides OsCommerce development as a blend of programming and customization. We creates ecommerce foundation through configuration and installation....
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Open Source Agriculture
As technology continues to advance it pushes many industries to grow. FarmBot is an autonomous gardening robot that provides a glimpse of future farming....
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The Useful and Essential Open Source Software for Business Accounting
While the aggregate number of free accounting alternatives is enormous, there is a smaller arrangement of very much supported and built up projects. The open source software offerings under extent from solutions, for a single consultant as far as possible up to administration alternatives for a medium-sized manufacturer.
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