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GMI - Guitar & Music Institute
We provide online guitar tuition which is focused on knowledge, applying and explaining theoretical concepts. We back this up with resources that you can use when you’re offline.

Our tuition is as good as any available. With so much mediocrity and poor tuition available on the Internet, you can trust that you are learning from experts in their field. We use both established and up and coming players/musicians.

We also provide play alongs, lick libraries, backing tracks wi...
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Exploring and promoting music from established and emerging artists of all music genres globally.
We cover new music videos, breaking music news, exclusive music interviews, and much more....
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Music Promotion
Whirlwind Music Group is a new independent record label and music promotion company located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Whirlwind is the independent label that will be an outlet for Artist who for whatever reason have been denied access to simply having an opportunity to have their music heard.

Whirlwind has put out an open call to Artists in all genres who would like their music to be considered for selection to the site. if selected an Artist page would then be created for the artis...
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MusicAuthority - Get In, Get Out, Start Playing
I built MusicAuthority to fill the void in the consumer music electronics review space and give people what didn't exist for me. We aim to give our users high quality, unbiased reviews so they can make the smartest shopping choices and skip the disappointment. Check us out before making your next buying decision....
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Electro WOW
Electro WOW is part of the top music blogs on the net. An electronic music blog where you can find free music, music videos, music news and music reviews.

If you love all music, then this is the right site for you! Please email us at the address below, in case you want us to promote your music:
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iFinesse Music
iFiness Music allowing fans to interact and enjoy the latest in Music news and media. Enjoy exclusive news, announcements, and tracks from your favorite artist, access a huge collection of music audios and videos. This site is dedicated to all music lovers and we want to becomes the best music video streaming site. You can access the best music videos from all genres that include Hip Hop, Trap, Rock, Drill, Rap, based, sauce, Flex, EDM, Pop and R&B Music. You can enjoy listening to music artists...
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Your Hip Hop Spot Blog
Check out the latest buzz around the Hip Hop and electronic music scene. This blog features artist interviews, new albums and current events in the US....
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Listen to Music for Free
Music takes plays a big role on daily life of almost every one. SMU is an app that you can listen to Music for free on android. There are tens of thousands of music available on SMU. It is possible to listen to your favorite music when phone screen is off. It is free, easy, fast to use. Add your favorite music to playlist and play in shuffle mode with SMU. ...
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Best Music Fest
Best Music Fest brings you the latest music festival news, reviews and artists in the American and Global circuits. Enjoy gonzo style reporting of the best music festivals in the world and weekly electronic music playlists featuring U.S. and U.K. inspired tracks.

Check out upcoming festivals in the USA with our in depth previews featuring music festival videos and playlists. Discover a new world of Transformational Festivals, too.

Make your next music festival the best wi...
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