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Badri Sweets
Famous sweet shops in mumbai serving traditional, indian, mawa sweets and many more...
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Brand Catalyst Media - Website Designing & Web Development Company in Mumbai, India
Brand Catalyst Media, A Digital Agency based in Mumbai, India. Offer professional Website Designing, Custom Web Development, Mobile Application Development Services in Mumbai, India. Browse us online for more details.
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Corporate training companies in mumbai
Marcep Inc. is one of the top corporate training companies in Mumbai as well as Pan India
Marcep Inc. vision & mission is to give corporate level training for day to day knowledge up gradation for those who wants to be the best in various industries worldwide....
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How to Manage Your Job Responsibilities with Part Time MBA?
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What is a coworking space?
Coworking spaces are shared office spaces that are usually occupied by startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the likes. As property rates are sky-high these days, it’s only sensible to rent coworking seats when you’re starting a new business. While it may seem desirable to work from home, working out of an office gives you a better sense of purpose. When you’re not in the mood to work, seeing the people around you working hard towards their goals is motivating enough to help you get shit don...
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What is CRM? and its advantages
What is CRM Software?
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a software which streamlines the process in an organisation. Building and maintaining a positive relationships with the customers is of prime importance. It is very important for the business to know and understand what the customer needs to stay ahead in the competition. CRM software lets you manage your leads i.e. your future/prospect customers, and vendors by tracking their activities.

Advantage of im...
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Does Alloy Steel is the Best Choice?
Alloy steel is steel that is alloyed with a variability of elements which is mixed in amounts between 1.0% and 50% by weight to expand its mechanical assets. Alloy steels are further classified into two groups: low-alloy steels and high-alloy steels. The difference between the two is slightly random. Every steel is an alloy, but not all steels are called “alloy steels”. The smallest quality steels are iron (Fe) alloyed with carbon © (about 0.1% to 1%, depending on the conditional type). Neverthe...
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Where to Stay In Mumbai for Long Vacation?
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