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A Step-By-Step Guide to the Mortgage Refinancing Process
"Are you planning to refinance? If you want to lower your existing mortgage rate of interest or reduce your mortgage term loan, then a refinancing home loan is highly beneficial. Some homeowners feel that refinancing is a painful process, but it can actually ease your financial burdens. This blog provides a step-by-step guide to the mortgage refinancing process.

To learn more, please visit:"...
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Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans Advantages & Disadvantages
Throughout the past few years, home loan interest rates have remained relatively low. As the 2016/2017 fiscal year wraps up, the Reserve Bank of Australia has decided to keep the official cash rate at a steady 1.50%. Read more here.....
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Home Loan and Mortgage Calculators by TheFinanceSite Australia
Use our home loan calculator to calculate your borrowing power & repayments. Know about how much will it cost, how much can I borrow etc....
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Everything You Need to Know About Homepath Mortgage Loans
"Fannie Mae has a mortgage loan program called Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage Loan for people who are interested in buying a home that is currently owned by Fannie Mae. HomePath Mortgage Loan provides benefits such as a low down payment, no mortgage insurance, flexible mortgage terms and more. This loan is available for both owner occupants and investors. As houses owned by Fannie Mae are move-in ready homes, which are competitively priced, they often attract first time home buyers, homeowners who...
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Mortgage adviser based in Swindon...
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right to buy mortgage
If you are retired the Right to Buy Mortgage Lender will need to be comfortable that your retirement income as regular and sustainable income such as a pension or lifetime annuity. State pension income alone is unlikely to be acceptable to the lenders as is income from savings, other forms of investments and buy-to-lets....
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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early
"Everybody wants to be debt-free. Debt causes stress, anxiety, and can take away your peace of mind. Buying a home requires a large sum of money. Paying for your home in cash these days is next to impossible. Paying off your mortgage as early as possible can relieve you of your stress and can give you peace of mind. A mortgage loan should be taken seriously and paid on time. Failing to pay your mortgage can result in foreclosure. It can negatively impact you and your family. You need to know wha...
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>Mortgage Insurance
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What to Know When You Get a Mortgage Commission Advance?
Like real estate agents and loan officers, mortgage brokers receive a commission for their workóbut that commission does not come through until the closing of the sale or in the case of the mortgage, the closing of escrow. ...
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Do I Need a Mortgage Professional?
A mortgage broker can compare the wide range of loans available in the market on your behalf and use their expect knowledge to find the one that best suits your specific needs and circumstances....
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