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Leif G.S. Notae - Writing More with Less
This blog is for my creations of micro-fiction, short short stories, flash fiction, short stories and serialized fiction. I deal with most fantasy and some sci fi, I also write for tips on inspiration and how to create for stories....
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Blog de entretenimiento dedicado a las noticias, fotos, rumores y especulaciones sobre las celebridades de Hollywood...
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AL-now Service Blog - E-Learning and more - partner blog with direct link
Informationen, Angebote und h´┐Żufig gestellte Fragen zu privater Aus- und Weiterbildung (Nachhilfe) unter Einsatz von E-Learning (Blended Learning, Lernplattformen, Neuen Medien, etc.). Integriertes Lernen, asynchrone Kommunikation, WBT - WebBasedTraining, E-Tutoring, Kollaboration, Kooperation, LMS - Learning Management Systems, Social Networking, Wissensmanagement, Kognitivismus, Konstruktivismus...
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Nonsportsmanlike Conduct
The sports blog for people who love Sports! or Blogs! Or Gisele! or Exclamation Points! Sports from a unique, funny, and entertaining point of view: Whodathunkit? "But Is It A Sport?" and more. Even if you don't like sports, you'll love this blog. ...
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Find The Best Kitchen Appliances, Tips & More
The kitchen non-stop blog is updated regularly with all the latest appliances, tips, inspiration and more for your kitchen needs. ...
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Coffee for Closers - Leads, Mortgage, Economy & More
A great blog about lead generation, software, mortgage led gen, real estate news, internet software, sales, business practices & more.
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Il Barbapress
Piccole e grandi notizie sul web di un giovane giornalista!...
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Watches more than time
Blog about many watches and detail of is....
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Perfect puppy care - Know more about puppy care and training
Perfect Puppy Care is a website dedicated to helping your raise a well-behaved, happy, and healthy puppy. Know all of the information you need to know to be certain you are doing the best you can for your new puppy. Visit the website to know more....
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Motorists Urged To Drive More Efficiently
UK car-owners have been advised that with fuel costs climbing steadily, changing driving habits could result in big savings at the pumps....
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