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Viteb blog contain Information about web services provide by our company. Find latest web design, web development, website promotion, outsourcing services related news. Share your thought on IT outsourcing, web hosting and other online trends at
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Mobile Apps Design,Mobile Apps Development|Logic Heart
Logic Heart is a Mobile Website Development company and we developed mobile-friendly websites, which help businesses increase customer base at reasonable price with fast delivery....
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Custom Web Design Company | RichestSoft
Looking for a custom web design company to deliver quality web designing services? Search no further and contact Richestsoft without hesitation for best custom web designing services....
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Ways To Optimize Mobile Website
What can done to enhance your mobile web performance to diminish load time and satisfy your customer? 48% of smartphone and tablet users came across problems regarding web optimization on their mobile device, addresses keynote in their Mobile User Survey. Over a million users perform their basic online activities via smartphones and you don’t really want a problem like loading time to set you back.

Here are a few ways to optimize your mobile website to perform faster for users on t...
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Mobile Website
Responsive Web Design (RWD)is no longer an option for Businesses. Here are the answers for who still haven't optimized their site....
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eStore trends to follow in 2017
Mobile websites are in the vogue now a day. And it is assumed that in the coming year that is 2017, these designs are going to be followed. As these designs are adapted to be used for the laptop and desktop they are going to continue throughout the next year. With the recent website trends, we cannot exactly conclude what type of designs would be followed as the designs totally depend on what a designer thinks at that moment of time. But yes, whatever the trend would be a responsive website can ...
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Mobile App Necessary When You Have a Mobile Website
Mobile Website vs Mobile App. Here are the different pros and cons of having a mobile application and having a mobile specific website....
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Mobile Website vs Mobile App
Many of us carry a smartphone most of the time, and if we have any work related to any website or such, we prefer to use our handset, because most of us have our mobile phone at our finger touch....
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Mobile and Web services: The need of a mobile app or a mobile website?
If you are confused of establishing a mobile app or a website for your business,Motivity labs provides best mobile and web services for your business....
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Why marketers need to focus on their mobile website?
Mobile is the future of internet. A business must focus on their mobile website – and apps – if they wish to succeed. We give you all the important reasons you need to focus on your mobile presence....
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