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Green Somethings
The Green Somethings blog talks about green products and services from all over with special focus on India.
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Real Estate Signs: How to Revitalize an Old Advertising Method
Even in today’s world of online targeted advertising and impressive webpages, more than 50 percent of all homebuyers say that they found the home they were looking for thanks to real estate signs…
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Expense reimbursement software – something for every stakeholder
A bunch of stakeholders work together in the expense management process. Manual practices make their work tedious and time-consuming. Expense reimbursement software, though, ensures that that is not the case. ...
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Something for Everyone
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Just Guess How The Methane Based Life of Titan Look Like
It won’t be any fun at all to visit the largest moon of Saturn. The surface temperature of the natural satellite is around -290 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also interesting to note that the vast seas of it are not filled with water, but they are filled with liquid methane. There are several active volcanoes in Titan. They used to release out methane into the outside atmosphere. These released out methane forms clouds which results into rain or snow....
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Amazing Health Benefits OfMethi (Fenugreek)
Fenugreek (Methi) is the leafy vegetable with excellent medicinal virtues. It regular usage in the diet helps in keeping the body fit and fine. It is a strong, robust herb grown annually. There are usually two varieties of fenugreek known as Marwari Methi and MasuriMethi. Methi is an herbaceous annual plant grown for its leaves and seeds which are used as a herb or spice. The methi plant may have a single stem or may be branched at the stem base. The leaves of the plant are small and trifoliate ...
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Amethyst Bracelet
Stretch bracelet made from the Spiritual Rudraksha seed. Rudraksha improves the traditional seed used in mala, known to calm tension and give clarity to voice....
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Limonetik eases electronic payment flow management
Limonetik was designed to optimize complex electronic payment flow management, whatever the solutions of payment supported including, prepaid cards and accounts, online holiday vouchers, normal credit card. Limonetik’s purpose is to reduce delays of payment instruments connexion in the field of internet-based sales whether directly or via the PSP. Limonetik offers innovative servicessuch as marketplace bills automation and paperless refunds. Limonetik platform is a specialist of dematerialized p...
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DIY Methods Of Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs
There are several ways to get rid of bed bug infestation via DIY methods, like if your bed is infested put your bed clothing in the dryer and heat them to high temperature, it is same for you upholstery and other furniture or articles, heat them up to at least 120 degree Fahrenheit, you can also give them a cold temperature treatment. For the rest a bed bug exterminator is also a good option....
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the first best of
All that you need to improve your Life and your Health...
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