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Effective Methods to Generate Qality Lead For Your Magento Ecommerce Store
Magento is a strong content management system that allows you to build and tweak a completely fledged web store. There are huge amounts of delightful themes and capable extensions that can help you enhance the user experience of your store easily. ...
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Agile Methodology: A Key to Success for Start-ups
Start-ups are continuously looking for faster, scalable development & agile methodology is best & one-stop solution for your start-up.
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Avanu server load balancer and network load balancing methods
The WebMux Network Traffic Manager is a high capacity and full-featured product that meets the most demanding network traffic load balancing performance needs for an extensive range of TCP and UDP Internet protocol (IP) based applications and services. Back in 2005, Microsoft® chose WebMux as one of the first three hardware load balancers (HLB) to support its unified communications (UC) Live Communications Server platform (the predecessor of today’s Lync®), because of WebMux’s excellent feature...
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SOC services | Methodologies
Have you consulted to SOC services for your organization? Not
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Avoid common mistakes done by Scrum Product Owner
Scrum Product Owner is playing the most important role to create a successful product by using of Scrum in a project. Scrum Product Owner is leading the product development team and he/she is only responsible for the outcome. Scrum Product Owner job is coming with versatile responsibilities. Sometimes the way to powerful product ownership is covered with traps and entanglements in some organization. The acceptance of Scrum and Agile methodologies is marked with various concealed issues. Withstan...
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How to use customer profiling method to build your audience base? - Kapture CRM
Customer profiling lets you showcase that you are no longer looking at generic buying habits of the audience, but rather influencing special factors that are reflective of your real audience preferences.
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Serve something unique to your guests in a get together party?
If yes, then try Greek food. It is truly a unique cuisine to offer guests in party, especially when there is a boredom of tasting same old cuisines like Chinese, Thai, and Continental dishes served in events most of the times.
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Change Management In Product Development Lifecycle - An Unbottled Genie?
Just rewind to the 1990’s, when software development was done using waterfall model, the word ‘Change Management’ was playing a spoilsport for all the wishful thinking. The software engineering team used to blame it on the business interface team why the system release was getting impacted both in budget and quality.
The business interface team, on the other hand, would suspect the so-called genius software engineering team for their inability to incorporate small changes into the broad busi...
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AICTE norms for Language Labs – Is ‘postmethod pedagogy’ the answer?
AICTE, the regulatory body governing several categories of higher educational institutions in India, has advocated the implementation of a digital Language Lab in the institutions. The norms outlined make it ‘essential’ for institutions to demonstrate the availability of such infrastructure at the time of inspection of the expert committee....
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