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Sell Your Art Online with Dousic Merchant Circle Profile
Want to sell your art online? Dousic is one of the best website for selling your art online with features like easy upload, setting prices etc. Click to know more....
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The Payza Card
With a Payza Card, you can make purchases almost anywhere traditional credit cards are accepted, including online, in-store and at most ATMs....
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Sands Brothers Asset Management And Genesis Merchant Partners Complete Sale Of Viactiv Holdings
NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sands Brothers Asset Management, LLC (Sands Brothers), and Genesis Merchant Partners, LP (Genesis Merchant Partners), are pleased to announce the sale of the assets of Viactiv Holdings, LLC (Viactiv), to Adare Pharmaceuticals (Adare), a Portfolio Company of Texas Pacific Group....
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How to ensure that your Payment Gateway is Secure and Reliable?
A credit card payment gateway can process an online payment securely over the web only when it has the right set of safety structures, and complies with international customs and rules. The merchant should adopt a best and leading online payment gateway, which will help you to accept payments through all kinds of major international credit card schemes, but also should keep in mind the security related aspects of the payment gateway....
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Is Offshore Merchant Account is Full Proof Secure Way to Take Credit Card Payments?
Yes, when you looking to manage online transaction and credit card payments while doing business internationally offshore merchant account is a phenomenal way to do business. Provides a comprehensive way to process high volumes and international card processing.

Benefits merchants in many ways and best options when the card is not present and risk of credit card chargebacks. You can also enable next day funding and available at affordable prices with secure encryption data protection. P...
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Why restaurant business needs merchant account services?
The merchant account services are very helpful for a restaurant business. These services help in reducing the credit card fraud, help the restaurant owners with improvement in sales, and profit through simple and easy payment options. Moreover, it helps in increasing the efficiency of a restaurant....
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