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Galveston Wealth
Galveston Wealth is a full service financial advisory company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company was established by a group of professionals seeking to cater to a burgeoning demand for high quality bespoke financial services from the expatriate community and high net worth families in the region. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge through extensive working experience in the international equities, commodities, fixed income and futures markets....
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The Tool Merchants Tool Blog
The Tool Merchants’ blog features articles on varied topics related to gardening, forest and orchard tools. It discusses about different hand tools like wood splitting axes, hoes, weed pulling tools, etc. and educates gardeners and farmers how they can make their work easier by using these tools....
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best merchant services for small business
Payolee offers the best merchant services for small business. Grow your business with online payment processing. Accept one-time or recurring payments with Payolee....
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Merchant Account Services
Belize Company Incorporation
Simply put, offshore company incorporation in Belize is not only easy, it is highly effective when it comes to overall tax reduction planning and securing privacy. One of the most interesting and attractive features of an IBC in Belize, and a feature that sets International Business Companies incorporated offshore in Belize heads above most others is the level of security and privacy afforded the company, its shareholders and directors. The names, identities and ...
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Joint Mortgage vs Individual Mortgage – The Better Option
You may have the best of the credit scores. You may have spent a lot of time doing your homework before applying for your mortgage. Yet, you may be paying too much for your mortgage. The best way to tackle this would be to file a joint application instead of an individual one.

While joint mortgages are generally taken out by couples, you can also involve:

a friend or a family member whom you intend to live with
an associate or a business partner who would like to invest wit...
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Smart Way to Collect Card Payments for eCommerce
Collecting card payments for ecommerce website will through you in the fields of online payment processing. Who will help you to collect this payment? NO, NO, it’s not any human or agent, all you need is merchant account or third party merchant account like PayPal. Merchant Account have some concerns or points that helps the business owner to accept credit cards for online eCommerce businesses. The merchant processor works fast and seamless to provide effective results that should have no proble...
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Quick Loan Against POS Machine Card Swipes - Merchant Cash Advance
Convert tomorrow’s swipe machine transaction into today’s cash with merchant cash advance. A complete user guide for merchant cash advance. Read more......
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Jacket Design Tool - Revenue Boosting Solution for Apparel Merchants & Manufacturer
idesignibuy comes up with an advanced jacket design tool which can be integrated with all e-commerce storefront and allows the user to design and buy their favorite jacket on the same platform....
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Merchant Cash Advance - LoanRaahi | SME Loan | Business Loan | Invoice financing | Working capital
Merchant Cash Advance or Loan Against Credit Card Swipes or Loan Against EDC Sales provides power to the retailers to take Loan Against Card Sales. These loans can also be helpful to merchants like you who want to acquire working capital to execute and expand business operations....
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Super Tips To Get Merchant Account services for “Online Dating Sites Business “
From Okcupid, Match ,Meetup and Pleanty of Fish ,there are many dating websites and application around. There is by all accounts one for each specialty, making this a profitable and helpful business enterprise. For those searching for a new business assignment, this is enormous. Be that as it may, one of the most concerning issues comes when you are searching for a Merchant account....
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