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CEO Mentorship
Private coaching from renowned executive coach, Robert Hargrove for CEOs, people who want to be CEOs & executives....
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Synergy Summit | International Entrepreneurship Summit
Synergy Summit is an ecosystem that connects startups, investors, entrepreneurs and youth to build up a system that promote the entrepreneurship....
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Web Development Tutorials by Webs Mentor
We are here to tell you about ongoing trends in PHP i.e laravel Framework, Wordpress etc.Also we will help you to understand some interesting tricks related to web development
So come and join us to sharp your skills in web development for more updates visit our Website

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Vamaks Blog
This blog provides information on how to start a business and get funding from investors. Vamaks LLC is a platform connecting entrepreneurs with the right business partners and mentors....
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Reliable Web development courses | Smart Mentors
Web development is a field that is growing day by day with debuting technologies. Becoming a Web developer is a good strategy for people who are tech savvy but it needs some work & learning. There are many people looking out to build their career as web developers. This blog is aimed to let these debut developers know that becoming a web developer do not only require skills in programming but it's also vital to have an ample knowledge of web designing . A proper training in web designing can be ...
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Where can I find a reliable graphic designing training institute in Surat | Smart Mentors
Choosing exactly how, where & in what capacity to launch your career is one of the most important decision you'll make in your design career. It's no secret that creative industries are extremely competitive, but by mapping out a clear path from the start, you can sharpen your focus and gain that all important edge. One of the most common routes into graphic designing is by taking right graphic designing training from a reliable graphic design training source. Smart Mentors, a leading web educat...
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The mentoring matrix you did not know about
DROP THE LABEL: Too much is lost in trying to define and label someone as a mentor. As they say, the best mentoring happens without a formal tag. Find someone who understands business, you know you would listen to, will be brutally honest and come up with the best advice....
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Are you wondering how to get some return on investment from a corporate mentor program? Here are 4 Key measurable benefits of a mentor program that provide ROI you can measure, and if you add masterminding systems into the formula you can make more sales and create more happy customers:...
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Entrepreneurship Mentoring by Startup Incubators in India
Business owners at their earlier startup phase can go for Incubator programs as a funding option. As Business incubators in India, Icreate not only help in funding the Startup Incubators but also work as an entrepreneurship mentor for a business as well as startup & entrepreneurs.

Where to Go

In India, popular business incubator is ICREATE. ICREATE stands for International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology.

ICreate facilitates the incubation of the business id...
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How to Choose the right mentor for your startup
A great startup needs a good mentor.The blog explains how to choose the right mentor for the startup....
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