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Total Personal Development - discovering new dimensions
Building a mental habit to constantly improve in whatever endeavor a you choose is the foremost important to put you on the path to continual personal development, happiness and a healthy life full of satisfaction ...
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The Mental Game of Golf
Learn to apply specific advanced, yet simple to apply, mental techniques to play the best golf of your life. Countless articles and exercises for improving your entire game from the inside out. ...
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fundamental aspects from philosophy of physics and transgeneric cosmology...
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Social Fix - partner blog with direct link
50 Years later: "There was bad food, environmental rot, programmed consumerism, corruption,
wars and poverty. After much distress a great improvement in life, society and the world began." ...
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Mental health
A guide to the mental health issues and mental disorders that can affect us all. Also, offering resources in self-help, psychology, and mental health....
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Oooh Baby Baby Parenting and Environmental Concerns
How one SAHM mom is trying to run an environmentally friendly household while raising three daughters under the age of four. ...
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Green, Ecology, Recycle, Organic, Renewable and Environmentally Friendly promotes eco and green initiatives such as products, services, sciences and technologies. ...
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jasmenigma - keep up to date with the latest environmental news and information on being green! - partner blog with direct link
At jasmenigma, we care about environmental sustainability. That is why we created this blog: to share information,tips, and advice on being green and about what every person can do to help, while keeping you up to date on the latest environmental news!...
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Mental Control - partner blog with direct link
The definition of epilepsy...
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Mental Junk
Mental Junk and other Oddities...
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