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HOOPP’s funded status of 122 per cent ‘true measure of success’
Canadian defined benefit pension plans are among the best in the world, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) President and CEO Jim Keohane said at a press conference to release the fund’s annual report, and results would support that conclusion....
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Hannah Davis Measurements
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Working Process of Tap Density Meter
Tap density measurement is one of the classic tests in powder measurements. What is tap density? Bulk density is the mass of an aggregate of particles divided by the volume they occupy....
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Granu Tools | Powder Handling Equipment
Powder Flow - Granu Tools offers various solutions for granular material. We are offering tools as powder flow tester, Flow Characterization etc....
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Thermometers To Measure Temperature - WiseRX
Want to know everything about thermometers including their facts, types, and how to use them? Read this blog to get all information about thermometers here.
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Custom Tape Measures Wholesale, Promotional Wheel Measuring Tools
Wholesaler for Custom Tape Measures, Promotional Wheel Measuring Tools and Personalized Tape Measures at China Manufacturer and Supplier from PapaChina...
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Laser Measure Online Shop
Laser Measure Distance Meter Tools Online For You...
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Proper cybersecurity measures can indeed reduce severe losses to the bottom line
In May 2016, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association’s (NJBIA’s) organized Cybersecurity Summit. It was well attended and included: Mike Mullin, President of Business Technology Solutions firm Integrated Business Systems (IBS), Fernando Reiser Manager of Information Security, NJM Insurance; Rashaad Bajwa, President, Domain Computer Services; Krista Mazzeo, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell; and Dave Weinstein, Director of Policy Planni...
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How Do You Measure The Effectiveness And Impact Of Your Open Course?
Easy tips to guide you measure the impact of the open course you have prepared for your students.

When developing an open course, trainers and course creators are likely to spend countless hours fine tuning the course to ensure that it is in sync with their training strategy and goals. After devoting those countless hours to developing a program it is essential to ensure that the course is really helping your students. One way to effectively do this is to measure your online training ef...
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Angle of Repose | What Are They and Why Do You Need to Know?
The angle of repose is the highest internal angle to the horizontal to which a powder can be heaped or piled without the material slumping or sliding....
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