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What content a Corporate Newsletter should include?
While newsletters are very important in building a nexus between the company

and the people/market, there requires a sincere time and effort to decide what

has to go into the content in a newsletter, be it any, corporate newsletter/digital

newsletter, email newsletter, email marketing, e-newsletter, online newsletter.

read on...
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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile SEO?
Mobile SEO came into existence after rapid growth of smarthphone users that ultimatley forced Google to bring some changes in search algorithm. For any crawler, a mobile responsive website is the first priority. Around 60-70% people surf on their mobile device & it becomes a important task for enterprises to grab those eye-balls by investing in Mobile SEO. If you haven't experienced Mobile SEO yet then hire these SEO experts from YourSEOPick who are delivering great results since many years....
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How to use emails effectively in eCommerce?
Many eCommerce companies fail to take the advantage of email marketing, which is a great tool. Emails can be set to be automatically sent to customers based on certains events and customer response.
Some of the automated emails that are a must for eCommerce companies are listed below:

1. Welcome Email

This is the email that is sent to customers who subscribe to email newsletters in the site. The welcome email can be rewarding with gifts, Gift cards, coupon codes or vouchers...
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What Makes a Post Go Viral?
The objective of any online marketing campaign is to ‘go viral’ and be passed on from consumer to prospective consumer. Viral content is a great way to spread the word about customer-focused, innovative brands the world over. While it is difficult to predict what content will go viral, there are certain features and parameters that every type of viral content follows. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can adapt the exact methodology to ensure your post goes viral, far from it actually. ...
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What Importance Information Technology Has In Insurance Industry?
Nowadays visit any insurance agent, instead of having policy applications, brochures and papers; you can see a computer or laptop. As technology is growing immensely, usage of technology has become essential in every field. People in this industry have much more work than just storing the information about a policy holder in their database.

In this digitalized era, trained professionals from this arena are updating with the information technology and they have started to use software to...
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What Are The Best Ways To Market Insurance Services?
As we are living in the online world, many people are turning towards the internet to purchase insurance services. Therefore it becomes more essential for the agents of this area to spend their time and energy to build an online market place for their insurance business.

Insurance agents can promote their personalized services and can help their customers to find a better way in the often confusing coverage options. So creating an online presence for marketing insurance service can help...
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What Tips Marketers Can Learn From The Travel Industry?
Though previously the travel industry advertised across newspapers and televisions with the expectation of attracting the attention of at least one traveler in hundred, the scenario has changed with the onset of the twenty first century. Now it has become relatively easier to approach travel lovers and the travel industry is doing a better job in this regards. With help from advancing technology, the industry is also driving extra bookings, sales and return visits. Thus, discussed here are few t...
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What Impact Globalization Has On Travel Industry?
Travel Industry – It’s one of the world’s lucrative multinational economic activities and stands among the top five trade industry in most of the countries. Moreover on an average in one year more than 1.1 billion international travelers are roaming around the world.

As digitalized networking properties and deep hooks into customer data collection via social media platform and ticket booking sites have made the possibility of delivering customized service. Planning for the dream vacatio...
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How Has Technology Transformed The Travel Industry?
Technology has brought in a global change to the travel industry and the good news is, these changes are for better!! When the twenty first century was still in its initial phase, booking a ticket or planning an out station holiday meant visiting the local travel agent for reliable guidance. But now, those days are gone as digital technology has started giving us choices in huge ways. For travel agents, their businesses got disrupted to some extent, due to this advancement in technology but on t...
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Why Is Everyone Talking About Digital Marketing? | Maximus Leads
Why Is Everyone Talking About Digital Marketing? | Maximus Leads" />
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