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JAMSO Articles for performance in life and business
Goal setting, metrics and performance management for people and companies....
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Berliapipes- Hdpe Pipes Manufacturers in Delhi
Berlia Pipes is an established brand , manufacturing variety of pipes since 1975. We manufacture a varied range of plastic pipes, providing complete solution for water supply, High pressure irrigation, Sprinkler, HDPE Duct Pipes, Wire ducting, etc.The material we used for the manufacture of pipes should not constitute toxic hazard, should not support microbial growth and should not give rise to unpleasant taste or odour, cloudiness or discoloration of water....
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MTD Management Blog
The MTD Management Blog is full of tips, advice and know how to help you become a more effective manager. ...
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Time Management Blog
The Time Management Blog is a collection of reliable information about time management.

The Blog lets you know whenever any new Web pages appear on, giving you new useful information on how you can save your time and achieve more in life!...
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A great read for life pursuers. Assailed by fresh ideas of a recent graduate, this blog in an avenue for anything interesting and helps people express themselves. Topics discussed include humanities, technology, culture, photography, and essentially, anything that is pertinent to life experiences....
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Coalition Music: Record Label and Artist Management
Get news on your favourite Coalition artists, see what's going on with our esteemed staff, and enter exclusive contests!...
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Excellence in Communication
This blog is about all kinds of aspects in business and sales communication. What to do and what not to do. Tips & tricks and debunking myths....
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Spanish painter Rafael Guzmán Maza - partner blog with direct link
This blog is dedicated to Rafael Guzmán Maza, a spanish painter from Málaga with a lot of talent. In it, you will find beautiful oil paintings, drawings made with a computer program and others drawn in ink.
The blog is in spanish but you can translate it with an option on the right on the web page, though the most important in this blog are the pictures of the paintings.

Rafael and me would like you to comment on his paintings. So, if you want we'll be happy.

Thanks, b...
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Biker Goddess - partner blog with direct link
Blog written by a woman biker for other women bikers with articles, commentary, stories, reviews and photography. Will appeal to all bikers with an interest in the female perspective of the biker culture as a rider. Any type bike, and those who ride physically or in spirit....
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Lee Bandoni Super Affilaite
Super Affiliate Lee Bandoni offers advice on Affiliate marketing including campaign management and strategies. Learn Azoogle, Copeac and more...
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