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Server Virtualization - Consolidation – Netmagic
One of the visible benefits of IT virtualization is the significant reduction in CapEx due to physical consolidation of servers. With an optimized virtual IT environment you can save upto 50% on your overall cost of operation. Know More!...
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The 2020 Cloud Dilemma – Netmagic
Are you in a dilemma about migrating to cloud? Stay abreast with the transformations in the cloud as it holds a promising future to transform businesses by 2020. Read more from Netmagic....
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Setting Yourself Up for Successful Cloud Computing: What Needs to Change First – Netmagic
Successful Cloud Computing deployment mandates through planning including changing existing IT assets before you move to cloud-based resources. Read on!...
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On Premise Storage System Vs Cloud Storage System – Netmagic
Choose between On Premise Storage System and Cloud Storage System for cost efficient enterprise data storage while meeting compliance. Learn more....
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Data Centers play a vital role in today’s economy – Netmagic
Data centers in today’s economy are the bridges to move and store data for almost all business activities. They are an imperative support system for E-Commerce, IoT and Smart City. Know more!...
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Find out why Colocation Addresses are boon to Enterprises –Netmagic
Find out how Netmagic’s Colocation services was the right path which helped Thomson Reuters setup a dynamic, scalable, high speed, low latency and competitive IT environment for the launch of a new product line Elektron. Read On!...
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Cloud Computing Advantages for the Retail Industry – Netmagic
The retail industry can take advantage of Cloud Computing by optimizing IT spending while helping them retain control over core data in a private cloud, and connect to a public cloud for demand spikes....
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Infrastructure Outsourcing Made Easier on the Cloud – Netmagic
Enterprise around the world have long employed the practice of infrastructure outsourcing, both as a means to cut costs and increase their ability to manage growing data volumes. Read More from Netmagic....
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Ten Best Public Cloud Practices for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Netmagic
Netmagic Solutions explains ten best practices to leverage public cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery for organizations. Read more in this Netmagic Blog....
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CIOs Guide to Smooth Cloud Transition – Netmagic
CIOs and business leaders contemplating this strategic move need to primarily analyze if migration to the cloud is necessary and competitive edge. Read more from Netmagic....
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