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Banani Vista - Living and Exploring
Banani Vista is a growing e-zine an initiative to redefine the way we look at India by catering to the youth and focusing on food, travel, Lifestyle, Arts and Culture, and Music....
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PSC - Living with a Liver Disease
My story of having Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) an autoimmune disease that attacks the liver.

The aim of my Blog is to document my journey with the hope that it will help, inspire and make others laugh. After all, if we cannot laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?...
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Buy Sofa Sets for your Living Room to make it more Elegant.
Sometimes it is very difficult for us to choose one Sofa design from another one. What does a tuxedo have to do with the furniture? If you are looking some piece of furniture for your living room then you must go for some Sofa Sets. ...
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11 ideas to decorate your apartment living space for the holidays  
The last two months of the year are full of cheer, hot beverages, warm fires, lots of family time and fun decorations. What’s not to love? ...
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The Art of Healthy Living – We believe in thoughtful exploration of how we shape our thoughts, our experience of the world and ultimately our health. We provide advice for positively impacting our life experience as well as our health if we are willing to commit to consistent practice of forgiving ourselves and practicing healthy self-love. Rather than a quick fix, we provides a road map to lives of harmony, happiness, and health.
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Easiest way to earn a F/T, P/T Living from the comfort of home
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Healthy Living
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Why assisted living is good choice for senior care?
When it comes to senior care then finding the best senior care home is good decision. And for best standard of senior care or assisted living, Saucon Valley Manor is the ultimate place. It has highly professional caregivers to take care of your elders with disability. ...
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How artificial intelligence will transform the way of living?
Future of artificial intelligence will be more exciting than present as we will be able to see a new race of intelligent systems. Automation will be part of our life and life of human beings will be easy and way to carry out business operations will transform....
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Which is the best senior apartment in Bethlehem?
Looking for senior apartments in Bethlehem? Give your elders loving and caring company with senior assisted living in Bethlehem. If you are looking senior community for professional senior care services then Saucon Valley Manor is the ultimate choice. ...
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