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How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle | GetSavvi Health Community
Health is our business and we care about yours. Our articles cover a range of issues such as how to maintain a healthier lifestyle with a healthy diet, healthy tips and more.
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Whether you are looking for a birthday party planner, a karate class, a piano teacher, a cleaning service, a makeup artist, a party cook or anyone offering a great service, look no further....
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All about fashion, shopping and gossip....
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Theory of life
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Theory /THēərē/ /THi(ə)rē/

A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain the nature of attributes.

Life: noun /līf/ (Vitae)

An aspect of a person's existence. Distinguishing objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes....
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Adverse effects of Open Plan Office Lifestyle
Health remains a prime concern for the people working in different walks of life. ...
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Seng is a modern, working mom sharing her love for photography, home renovations, product reviews, home management/organizational tips, fun DIY craft projects, and digital scrapbooking. By sharing her family life experiences through the blog, she is able to inspire others to also balance parenthood and their careers while going through the same thing....
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Explore Life Style
Get all lifestyle health, fashion, fitness, cuisine and beauty news and updates...
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Mobile healthcare for a fitter lifestyle for cardiac patients
People with health issues are often caught up in a vicious cycle of being unable to exercise and their health cannot improve until they do exercise. The trick is often to exercise the right amount with the correct stress endurance and constant monitoring of the vitals. .It was wearable mobile healthcare products of companies like Fitbit, Apple telcare and Jawbone which offers various fitness features to encourage people to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle.
mHealthcare devices act a...
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Pouted magazine
A life style magazine about the latest design trends, creative decoration ideas, stylish interior designs, gift ideas, pets and all about fashion....
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National Nutrition Week: Importance of Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyle
National Nutrition Week (NNW) is observed in India from 1st to 7thSeptember every year. It mainly focuses to highlight the causes, effects and counter measures of malnutrition.

NNW aims is to create awareness on the importance of nutrition for health and well-being of nation. It directly relates to human resource development, productivity, economic growth and ultimately national development....
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