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London Luxe Fashion and Lifestyle Exhibition
London Luxe is here finally. There is a lot of excitement and buzz around one of the biggest Indian Fashion & Lifestyle exhibition to be held at Grosvenor House on May 19– 20th. The finest and choicest of designers from India and U.K will be here bringing you the best of Fashion. Whether you are looking for a regal anarkali, an ornate lehenga for your wedding or upcoming events or eclectic mix for your wardrobe, this is your place to be.Read Full Blog visit website blog....
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About Me
Thank you so much for stopping by at this page. I am full time mom JiyaB, Science Post Graduate with a corporate industry exposure for 15 years before being a Mommy. Themommytale is my blog dedicated to my children and their love.

Motherhood for me

Mom has a very important role to play in a child’s life. I realized being a parent is not less than on a roller coaster ride. Every step has a new experience, new surprise and a new shock waiting eagerly for you. I gave...
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Healthy recipes, lifestyle hacks and nutrition articles from our team of qualified nutritionists and expert health advisers to help you live life better...
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Our Wander Life For the Wandering Soul
Lifestyle • Travel • Writing • Photography ...
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Swiss Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle
Switzerland Based Blogger Writing About Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty. Kirasha....
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monalogue - UK lifestyle and travel blog
monalogue is a Bristol-based travel and lifestyle blog....
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Cityscape Bliss
UK lifestyle blog based in Birmingham.

Cityscape Bliss is a UK lifestyle blog – it follows a journey of a girl who moved from a tiny Czech village to the second city in the UK with just a carry on (which contained a pair of jeans, two tops, one jumper and FIVE books including complete works of Woody Allen, no regrets). It is a journal full of beauty & style tips, home decor inspiration & DIY projects, easy recipes, travel diaries, cat toy hauls and fitness reflections.

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Gingerlie Lifestyle
Personal and Lifestyle blog ...
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The Just Be Lifestyle
Check out the Just Be blog for our perspective on navigating the human experience, exploring alternative wellness options, and pursuing chemical-free living to help us live the lives we imagined....
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Abi Bumbles
A lifestyle blog about bumbling through life....
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