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The Real Life
Real estate blog offering regional information on the specified areas and linking to real estate assistance in that area...
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Life With Kirby - A suburban dog with an attitude
Hi there, I am Kirby, a 3-year old Golden Retriever living on the east coast. I live with 5 humans & 1 fish. I enjoy basketball, football, and an occasional romp down the block. This is a glimpse inside my life....
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A Life of Benevolence - partner blog with direct link
This blog is about my journey on leading a life with a compassionate heart, promoting benevolence in the world by starting in my own home, and how it relates to my family and my Trivani business. ...
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Lifestyle and Fashion
Learn how you can make your lifestyle more fashionable by following the tips on this regularly updated blog....
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Teaching Life's Lessons - partner blog with direct link
The life of a teacher can be hard but it is not all difficult. There are happy moments as well. In my journey as a teacher, I put events, personal reflections, and teaching ideas into writing. Take a look and be encouraged, and discover teaching is hard...and fun!...
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Develop Your Potential
I am 65 years old, retired, a husband of 45years, a father of three, grandfather of 7, and a great-grandfather. I am also a certified coach that specializes in personal development coaching. My role as a coach is to help you understand both yourself and others better, and reach your potential.

For about the last 10 years I have done a considerable amount of research in the areas of: personality styles, positive psychology, leadership, time management, stress management, identifying an...
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An amazing site. It has poetry, stories, Bible passages. A prayer request email. ...
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Our Life Blog
Welcome to Our Life Blog, where life, love, and family are documented and displayed for everyone.

This is a site about our family - from the day to day goings on - to the important milestones - we chronicle them all here. While this is a place where our family and friends can stay connected and up to date - be a part of our lives from wherever they may be - we invite anyone and everyone to take a look around, and to join us on our life journey. ...
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Grace For Life
Christian Living, with an emphasis on living by Grace, and an understanding of our identity in Christ, and walking by the Spirit....
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Maple Swingers
Maple Swingers - News, Opinions, Industry Watch and Everything Sweet about the Lifestyle......
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