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Lara Kiskin's Inspiration Blog
Fashion, nature, cities, music, movies and other Lara Kiskin's inspirational finds....
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Women's Social Community for a Pampered Lifestyle
Are you up-to-date with the weight fluctuations of the rich and famous? If your expertise on celebrity gossip concerns you, then perhaps you would like to inject some art and culture into your life....
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Funny Lovely Social
A lifestyle blog capturing a 20-something-year-old’s love for everything and anything fabulous. She is on the hunt for fashion finds on a post grad budget, delicious eateries, a killer happy hour, a healthy relationship with her body and a gorgeously put together home. Join her on her journey and put a smile on her face....
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Solar Energy - Green Lifestyle for You - partner blog with direct link
This blog is dedicated to people interested in solar energy and green lifestyle. Here you will find interesting facts about solar energy history, information on the modern solar power technologies and how we can integrate them into our daily lives. Find solar-powered applications for your home and cool solar gadgets for you. Read also fresh news concerning solar energy capturing and latest innovations in the field....
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life dividend
a blog about stocks, bonds, investment funds and a lot of information in the finance and investment circles that a finance reader will find interesting and informative...
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London Life
London event blog - current events in London. The most spectacular occurences in London. London entertaing side. All info where to go and what to do in London. ...
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Crystalife - Handmade Gemstone Jewellery for the Soul
A place where science, art and a little magic come together in harmony, to create awesome handmade gemstone jewellery
and assist you on your spiritual quest for inner peace and outer space.

Here at Crystalife, we absolutely love anything related to crystals and jewellery, our goal is to remind the citizens of earth that there is more to life than the mundane, that you are powerful beyond measure. We would like to spread positivity and healing to as many people on this little bl...
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Kate's Crossing
Musings on life, relationships and the why of it all....
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Vert's Blog
comments about film, music, life, and the world...
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The Real Life
Real estate blog offering regional information on the specified areas and linking to real estate assistance in that area...
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