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Spiritual Journey - BitterSweetLife
Words and pictures for the spiritual journey :: Creative writing, poetry, photography :: Hoops and books thrown in :: Why is life bittersweet? Glad you asked....
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My Lifestyle Change - partner blog with direct link
Follow the journey of a once fat and lazy 35 year old husband and father of 3 as he changes his life and gets healthy....
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Cape Cod Music and Night Life - partner blog with direct link
Cape cod Music and Night life. This includes activities and information for musicians, night club goers, tourists on cape cod, and the night life and music scene on cape cod Massachusetts....
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My Life's Rollercoaster Ride - partner blog with direct link
This site envelops my thoughts, my views, my opinions and my personal experiences and stories in my journey through LIFE...
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Chronicles of Illusions - partner blog with direct link
Poetry, non-fiction, fiction, articles, photos, slideshow, videos, short stories and thoughts about the worls as I see it....
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Living Life La Dolce Vintage - partner blog with direct link
Living Life La Dolce Vintage or the Sweet Vintage. Words and thought about selling fashion items and just plain living the sweet vintage life....
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Surelife Financial All Loans Resources - partner blog with direct link
Are you in the market to purchase a home but are concerned about not having enough money for the down payment? No Money down home loans or 100% financing for your mortgage loan used to be only advertised during late night infomercials and in obscure real estate publications. The good news is that if you want to buy a house but have little or no funds available for the down payment, there are mortgage lenders who are offering no money down home loans in your area....
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Life In A Break Down
Keeping up with myself - I might be slow but I get there in the end - find out my newest love as soon as I do! A bit of beauty, a splat of fashion and dash of other bits - come on down and find out what it's all about....
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My Digital Life - partner blog with direct link
Information from the trenches of technology....
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Barry Michaels-Radio is My Life
American Radio Personality, Barry Michaels, shares a humorous behind the scenes look at his ongoing broadcast career and honors those who entertained and inspired him. With audio and photo collection....
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