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a glimmer of light | persisting in HOPE
A blog about the good and beautiful things in life; inspirational words so that hope is never lost, no matter what....
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Entrepreneur Lifestyle - Digital Marketing Blog
Entrepreneur-Lifestyle is an online Digital Marketing blog, designed to help new entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to learn more about certain areas of digital marketing, online business marketing strategy and affiliate marketing.

The platform includes blogs, tutorials and case studies to help readers fully understand digital marketing/seo concepts and be able to effectively implement them in their own projects/online businesses....
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Things Ihave learnt
Quotes about life. Words, wit and wisdom to inpire, motivate, excite, encourage and get you thinking about the world you live in. ...
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Simple Life Strategies
Zoe B is a Sydney Life Coach and the founder of the Simple Life Strategies blog. Each week, Simple Life Strategies reaches over 10,000 people worldwide with a fresh perspective on life with the latest research on the mind, smart thinking on personal growth and tips to increase energy and wellbeing. If you're looking to get inspired about life, you're in the right place. You can expect to see articles on the following topics:

Happiness | Inspiring People | Success | Motivation | Overc...
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Smile It's the Good Life
Smile it's the good life is a blog about fashion, beauty, diy projects, cooking, entertainment and fun!...
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JAMSO Articles for performance in life and business
Goal setting, metrics and performance management for people and companies....
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My ABDL Life
Here can you find lots of babyfur arts, Adult diapers, Product review, Videos from Youtube and DPRTube and other ABDL relate stuff....
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Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya Mongers is for those who love the Pattaya Nightlife and want to get up to speed with how things work in the beer bars and go go bars that Pattaya is known for....
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A great read for life pursuers. Assailed by fresh ideas of a recent graduate, this blog in an avenue for anything interesting and helps people express themselves. Topics discussed include humanities, technology, culture, photography, and essentially, anything that is pertinent to life experiences....
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English Bulldog Abbie's Multimedia Life
Bulldog Abbie the Multimedia Life of an English Bulldog. Follow the adventures of an English Bulldog named Abbie; with lots of fun photos and videos, favorite things like puppy friendly treat recipes and cute craft projects, news, articles, and lots more....
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