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Our founder, Lisa, talks about her experience with aging, and b-glowing's commitment to age positivity and diversity in the coming years...

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday—the key word being “celebrated.” For the first time in recent memory, I was actually excited about being a year older.

Up until recently, the aging process wasn’t something I welcomed, let alone rejoiced over. At some point in my late 20s, I stopped looking forward to my birthday and started dr...
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Using Letterbox Distribution Campaigns to Successfully Promote Your Gym
To make letterbox distribution in Sydney successful for your gym, you must give your audience not only gym details but also a powerful reason to work out at your gym, target specific areas within a certain parameter of your gym, so that you promote to only those prospects that can conveniently visit your gym.
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Innovative Letterheads Designers in Derry
Make a professional impact for your business with business stationary, which includes letterheads and compliment slips. One of the Derry’s efficient digital marketing agencies is Tigermonkey, this is specialized in offering letterheads designing and printing as you require....
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Components of a Good Newsletter
The most fundamental component to write a newsletter is to identify your target audience, what’s the pulse of the audience, what’s important....
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Best time to send newsletter
Along with maintaining the perfect timing to send emails and Newsletters, it’s important to ensure that the message is properly formatted and the subject line must be relevant and optimized...
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What Makes Flyer Marketing Always Fresh and Timeless?
Compared to other forms of advertising, flyer marketing is more cost-effective. By distributing flyers, you can reach out to more number of people in a particular local market at a much lower cost.
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Why Letterbox Distribution Advertising for Your Business can make Your Day?
Letterbox distribution campaigns are considered a thing of the past by a number of businesses, more so with the advent of the electronic media and social media platforms. If you are thinking in the same line, you simply are not aware of the wonderful results that letterbox advertising can bring for your business.
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What content a Corporate Newsletter should include?
While newsletters are very important in building a nexus between the company

and the people/market, there requires a sincere time and effort to decide what

has to go into the content in a newsletter, be it any, corporate newsletter/digital

newsletter, email newsletter, email marketing, e-newsletter, online newsletter.

read on...
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How perfectly are your email newsletters formatted?
We all are familiar with the marketing forms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. And we think they are the best applications for marketing. No doubts, they are included in the top list. But, when we talk about cold conversation, email is the best form. As compared to the other marketing tools it is cost efficient and consumes less time. With the increasing use of mobile these days, checking the emails has been just one touch far. And also they are thought to be the most prominent. Read on.....
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Do you follow these points while writing a cover letter?
Importance of cover letter in a resume....
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