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The French Class in Paris
French Lessons in Paris with a Private Tutor
Personalized Courses to Speak French with Confidence.
My private French lessons in Paris are designed to meet your individual needs

You can improve your pronunciation, work on your grammar, or prepare an exam such as the DELF, DALF or TCF.
You may also have a business French course in Paris and get ready for an important presentation, interview or meeting, handle negotiations and improve your speaking with French colleagues and cl...
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How to Forgive Yourself and Why Itís Important ?
We all mess up things sometimes, right? We all make some decisions which are not at all worth it, we fail into something, we make mistakes, and we are not able to complete our tasks sometimes or probably not even close. There are always a lot of times when we are so disappointed with ourselves, and the last thing we want to do is to forgive ourselves. Witnessing a situation in which you blame yourselves that makes you angry at yourself comes in most of the peopleís lives. Punishing and not forgi...
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Redesigning Logo? Lessons to learn before rebranding!
Redesigning logo may be done for various reasons, may be to include the new line of business or a new product or market place shift or to convey a new brand statement or even for the sake of implementing a new logo which is an aesthetically redefined version of the current one; designing logo & tips for redesigning logo are beautifully shared by a few of the best known international businesses we have known. Read on...
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Why Art Lessons For Kids Are Important?
Learning art in childhood always help in better mental growth for every child. One of the easiest and most type of art is drawing and painting. Every child should learn this for an all-around growth....
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How Important Is It To Take Children To Museum?
A visit to the museum will introduce the children to the history of art. It introduces the children to the unknown world. Along with the learning that they get there, it also stimulates imagination and creativity in the young minds. It also helps in the development of critical thinking....
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The #1 content marketing mistake. Plus few more lessons to learn
Content marketing is helping many business to reach the heights in this fast moving world. Mistakes are common and avoiding them leads to great success....
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