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ISBM MBA Distance Learning Values
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Creating Effective Job Aids – Common Mistakes to avoid
As corporate training and eLearning is turning shorter and practical, the importance of job aids to supplement learning is getting highlighted....
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‘Art of Storyboarding’ Webinar – Highlights
Team Raptivity recently hosted a successful webinar on ‘The Art of Storyboarding’ by Desiree Pinder - Executive Director/Founder of Artisan E-Learning. Desiree answered some fundamental questions on storyboarding, through this webinar, such as: what is a storyboard, why create one, and how to build and show content in a storyboard.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

· Storyboard is crucial when working with others to create an eLearning course e.g. Subject Ma...
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Extending LRSs and the xAPI for Event-driven Blended and Adaptive Learning” – Highlights from the Fo
View the FocusOn Learning conference highlights and learn more on how to implement LRSs and xAPI for Event-driven Blended and Adaptive Learning....
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Manage Blended Learning Easily With The eLearning Platform
Our classrooms are now expanding beyond the four walls, and learners and trainers are looking for more avenues beyond the existing face to face live classroom training and eLearning methods. Blended learning is the new way to go. Blended learning is the type of learning method where we combine both virtual training and face to face classroom training and design a highly effective and practical learning process. A well designed and implemented blended learning course can help you in setting and a...
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Dealing with the Top 10 Challenges in Storyboarding — Infographic
These top 10 challenges are based on a survey conducted by Raptivity team, where over 200 instructional designers and course creators participated globally....
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Distance Learning – Solution To Your Problems
If your consideration related online degrees were only for college or post graduate students, consider once more. There is a common belief that distance learning programs are only for adults who are searching for new career paths or to avail promotion in an existing organization, but perhaps it’s surprising for you to know that there are a growing number of teens who prefer a distance learning method to obtain their high school graduation online.

There are numerous grounds that can turn...
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Amazing Ways to Make Chinese Language Learning FUN!
The large number of Chinese characters, the tonal nature of the language and the different types of grammatical rules make the language complex, especially for kangaroos and westerners....
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Picking an Authoring Tool for HTML eLearning Development
The easy availability of various types of e-learning tools that facilitate the formulation of innovative and effective e-learning courses is beneficial to all instructional designers...
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Distance Education in indai
A blog about Distance Education,mba distance learning, distance leraning colleges,Benefits of Distance Education...
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