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Military leadership lessons for civilian leaders
Leading Concepts provides a unique style of military leadership training for civilian team leaders. Our trainers consist of former Army Ranger and Green Beret Special Forces leaders who teach the secrets of highly effective military teams to civilians. Our training is conducted in the great outdoors of Kentucky where you learn to lead like an Army Ranger over the course of an intense 5 day program. We also provide books, seminars, and insights to help you lead your team to victory on the busines...
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Quality Edge-book
A leadership story for those who lead in business and also in ther lives.........
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Dave Osh Thought Leadership - Scaling the Corporate Pinnacle
Dave Osh Thought Leadership blog is a wealth of stories, ideas, experiences, values, traits and skills which every executive who seeks a breakthrough towards international corporate leadership needs. A leadership philosophy that ďpushes the envelopeĒ....
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The Leadership Blog by White Water Strategies
The Leadership Blog by White Water Strategies is a weekly look at leadership practice inspired by the news, our research and observing senior leaders in action. It features opinions, guest columnists, links to external publications and resources....
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safetyBUILT-INís Recordable Insights Blog
The Recordable Insights blog by safetyBuilt-In features articles about the importance of safety leadership solutions for improving safety culture and behaviors to provide a safe workplace for employees, reduce potential liabilities and achieve hazard reduction....
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Training Workshop : 12 Acts of Courage to Change Meetings for Good
Live workshop to develop effective meeting leadership skills even if you are not the designated leader....
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Emotional Intelligence Workshop License : FacilitatorU
Emotional Intelligence refers to the complex mix of social and interpersonal behaviors that incorporate intuition, character, integrity, motivation, communication ability, and relationship skills....
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Leadership & Lipstick
A blog about
- Design
- Communication
- Change Management
- Leadership

1 Article per week....
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Bob Duggan strong supporter of human rights and improving the level of ethics in society....
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Leadership Training Dubai
StepUp is one of the leading training companies providing outstanding leadership training Dubai. Here, leaders are not born, they are made. Our leadership training solutions are customized according to the requirement of clients. For complete details, visit at
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