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Daniel Klotz - Lancaster County PA and the Cultural Creatives
Lancaster, PA and public life, including information on the arts, business, demographics, and news....
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5 Ways We Help You Win Your Auto Accident Case
This is a very common misconception in the Antelope Valley. Insurance companies are not in business to serve your best interests. They will take care of their shareholders, employees and policyholders first, and everything else is a remote secondary concern. They will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible.
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10 Lies Auto Insurance Companies Tell You After a Car Accident
Insurance companies deal with car accidents all the time, and their process to sweep it away is highly efficient.
We hear stories from all over the place about how an insurance company stepped right up and made a very quick compensation payment, then disappeared again before the victim realized that they had been underpaid.
They’ve got a whole system of lies they’ll tell you after a car accident. Listed here are 10 of the most common:
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Head Injuries: What To Do
Head injuries are no laughing matter. A serious brain injury can cause extreme mood swings, physical impairment that leaves the victim unable to work and support a family. At Kuzyk Law, our personal injury attorneys have dealt with countless cases involving head injuries. Let Kuzyk Law deal with getting you the maximum compensation from insurance companies and responsible parties in case of head injuries.
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Bentley Law Blog gives detailed information about drunk and driving cases and DUI offenders’ rights to refuse to submit to a chemical test. One of the blogs used to understanding the DUI laws and penalties in Pennsylvania....
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