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Knife Passion
The original and largest online knife and cutlery catalog where you can buy pocket knives and every pocketknife from Benchmade Knives and Spyderco Knives plus kitchen cutlery....
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Knife Knowledge, Tutorials and Knife History - partner blog with direct link
Knife Knowledge - Knife Care and Maintenance Tutorials and History Articles for Knife Enthusiasts. Complete with illustrations, charts and pictures....
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Knife Country USA - Blog
We are a family based small business. We treat out customers like they are family. Their satisfaction is our #1 goal.
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How to choose a good knife for your daily use
There are a series of collectible patterns as Stockman, Trapper, Toothpick, Whittler, Barlow and many others. You can collect knives by the type of handles, blades by type by year of manufacture, by brand, by color or by any variety of models and features. For a good collection, traditional knives are the most recommended....
Blog Detail > Category: Business > Hits: 154 > Date Added: 23-6-2015 - Best Kitchen Knives Guide is the best place to know more about best kitchen knives. We have tried to cover each and every possible sub-topics related to kitchen knives....
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South Spring Knife Co Blog
Every thing you need to know about Hunting, Fishing, camping and Survival knives...
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Get High Quality Switchblade & Automatic Knives
If you are looking for affordable switchblade knives and automatic knives at low prices, Mens Effects is the best option for you. ...
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Standard Air Knife
A noiseless, energy competent way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. They provide a compact and efficient means to dry, clean and cool materials. Standard Air knives operate by entraining the surrounding air along with the compressed air utilizing the “coanda” effect essentially converting energy which would normally be lost as noise and pressure drop into useful flow....
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Things to ponder when buying a pocket knife
If you are planning to buy a pocket knife for yourself anytime soon then you must keep certain things in mind. This article will help you buy the perfect knife by helping you identify the main things that must be remembered when looking for one....
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How to find the perfect pocket knife
Pocket knives are those kinds of knives which are compact in shape and size and can easily fit into your pockets. They fulfill various kinds of purposes and are very popular world over. Choosing one can prove to be difficult due to the gamut of choices available. This article will help you find the perfect pocket knife....
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