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The Need of Customer Journey Mapping in Digital Marketing
In today’s era, customer journey mapping has become the most important element for every business. With the growing demand of the digital marketing channels, it has become a vital tool to keep a track record of the customers’ behaviour in order to give them the best online experience, and to provide them with what they exactly want. Aarna systems – The digital marketing company helps every business with the digital marketing strategy and delivers outstanding results by converting maximum visitor...
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Journey Wealth Partners
Journey Wealth Partners is an independent investment advisory and planning firm based in Concord, MA. Successful professionals work with Journey to implement personal and intelligent plans so they may live their lives to their fullest potential....
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LegalRaasta- Simplifying Your Legal Journey
LegalRaasta | Register Company | LLP Registration | FSSAI | Trademark- LegalRaasta is the India's leading provider of legal solutions. Register a company, file tax returns, get FSSAI and IEC licenses & draft legal documents....
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Oracle Certification Journey
This blog will document my journey to obtain certification in Java. I will document all of the resources I use to accomplish my goal, including texts, example exams, custom labs to test theroy, and my overall score on the exam. Along the way I hope to get feedback and engage in good conversation.
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The Lucidica Journey
How Lucidica, the IT Support Company in London was founded. How it has developed and where it is going with its vision. ...
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Journey to Calm
Great blog on mental health, anxiety, and depression....
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Make phases of life an eventful journey with nursing care service in Kolkata
Need for nursing care is becoming extremely important with every passing day. It is not because people have forgotten how to nurse their babies or take proper care of their parents. It is unfortunately the lack of time and constraints of this current world which has taken their focus away.
Due to this, they tend to lose out on various important moments. However, it is time to help kids get a proper childhood and elders a happy phase in their lives. Since, monetary issues are not much of a ma...
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The Journey Towards the Vale of the Awakened
Well, I don't know how exactly to describe this blog. Is it about something particular? Not really. Lets just say that the words written here consists of hints & clues for the answers that I'm searching for. I write down the things that comes to my mind while I'm in what I'd like to call the "Zone of Enlightenment" in my mind. Whatever is written here may or may not be of help to you, so I warmly invite all of you to check in & take a look around...
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Paths to glory – George Lucas’s journey from a car racer to the celebrated filmmaker.
Destiny is a stimulating phenomenon. Most human beings desire to find their purpose in life. Some set out to find it whereas for others, it appears before them. Very often, one meets it in the strangest of roads. Talking about roads, someone really changed his destiny on roads. Literally! In 1962, an eighteen year old boy gave up his dreams of becoming a car race driver after a road accident that nearly got him killed. But very soon, the boy found another passion to indulge himself in. From movi...
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Spiritual Journey, Self-Realization, Devotional Stories | Manblunder
Manblunder is providing the Self-Realization, Mantras, Meditation, Devotional Stories like Saundaryalahari, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and more...
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