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An Infographic on Raptivity’s 10 Years’ Exciting Journey
Team Raptivity is celebrating 10 years of Raptivity’s presence in the eLearning world.
On this occasion, we are excited to share an infographic that sums up Raptivity’s achievements in the past 10 years.
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Ultra Level Programming Languages – Journey from Complex to Simple
When the computer was invented, to write a program, one has to write it in machine language – a language of 0’s and 1’s. It was extremely difficult to write even a simple “Hello World” program in machine language. All the instructions (code), and data had to be entered in 0’s and 1’s so that the computer could interpret it and execute.

So people developed Assembly language, which is famously called as low-level language (LLL). Here the binary code was replaced by Assembly instructions. ...
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Donald Trump’s Journey in Brief: Real Estate Mogul to Presidential Candidate
From Controversial Developer to Controversial Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s journey in brief
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Make life’s journey happy with love
Love is that celestial knot which merges two souls of two different bodies into one pure one. It is that unique feeling which transforms a human body into a living soul. Love connects two people and allows two people to be enjoined together by bonds of intimacy and companionship. Valentine’s Day is the time to revere this heavenly emotion and bestow loved ones with souvenirs of affection and amour. Send Valentine's Day Gifts to India by choosing our web store and let vibes of romance resonate ar...
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Journey From an Idea to an App (Part 1)
App Development has become a necessity for any business these days. We are in the era of IT where “World is Going MOBILE” and the smart phones industry has reached its zenith. Let’s give you a brief idea on what strategies does Affle AppStudioz use to build successful mobile apps....
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Hurlbut Visuals Blog was created to be a trusted source in the learning journey for filmmakers globa
Hurlbut Visuals Blog was created to be a trusted source in the learning journey for filmmakers globally....
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Gentle Journey AZ Home Euthanasia
Dr. Christina Nutter believes in honoring the life of pets by making their passing peaceful. In-home euthanasia and hospice is a way to say goodbye to a beloved pet in the comfort & privacy of your home....
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Superlative Journey
Hey I'm Paul, I started travelling in May 2016. I am now Living, Learning and Loving the Journey. Follow me on my adventures....
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Mi Vida Hoy - My life journey living with Anxiety and Agoraphobia
A personal journey of someone who lives with anxiety and agoraphobia. Chat with other users and visit our new message boards for support from others who live with anxiety, depression, PTSD, Panic attacks and more....
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The Need of Customer Journey Mapping in Digital Marketing
In today’s era, customer journey mapping has become the most important element for every business. With the growing demand of the digital marketing channels, it has become a vital tool to keep a track record of the customers’ behaviour in order to give them the best online experience, and to provide them with what they exactly want. Aarna systems – The digital marketing company helps every business with the digital marketing strategy and delivers outstanding results by converting maximum visitor...
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