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Ellys Journal
My Internet Journal....
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International Artist Bonnie Latham Studio Journal
Bonnie Latham's blog contains posts about her wildlife and nature paintings and sketches as well as her travels to remote areas. Some of her works featured at national and international art shows. ...
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Keith White Business Journal
Articles on everything business related. Network marketing, home based businesses, affiliate business, multi-level network marketing. ...
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Ford Driver's Journal
I know where to find the best Ford parts deals in the internet. So if you think you need to have the best Ford auto parts, better ask me.
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Leo Adam Biga's Blog
My blog features samples of my award-winning long-form journalism. The articles are about a diverse array of subjects. Many of the stories portray people's passion and magnificent obsession. In most cases, the stories, or versions of them, have appeared in print at some point in time. Because these are rather timeless stories, there should always be an audience for them. In some cases, the stories are being published for the first time with their posting on the blog site.

The maj...
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The Billionaire Journal by Alexchious Cheng - partner blog with direct link
A young 18 year old Singaporean's experience on the path to becoming a billionaire by the age of 35. Is it even possible for him to attain his goal of becoming a millionaire by 22? ...
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Rhomany's Realm - partner blog with direct link
Art journal workshops and mixed media children's illustratoin by Rhomany / Klair Scattergood...
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Painting Journal
Jill Stefani Wagner's Painting Journal highlights her recent pastel and watercolor paintings. Jill's landscape, floral and figurative images are filled with color and light and are available for sale through the artist....
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The Expat Journals
NYC to Panama to ongoing glimpse into my life as an expat....
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Dans Guitar Learning Journal
Hi there. Iím Daniel Craig (no not that one) and this is a musical blog about me learning to become a guitar genius. Itís going to start out really bad, stay bad for a long time and might start to be worth listening to in about twenty years. I hope the internet is still around then.

Follow my journey from guitar zero to hero (hopefully.)...
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