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T.A.M. Unique Jewelry
We are two women from St. Louis who have decided to learn how to make and sell jewelry. This blog is about everything that goes into that process. Some days, we might list pieces and prices. Other days, we're just showing off new tools we bought or a new technique we learned. This blog is about how we're learning all about beads, jewelry pliers, crystals, and making beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to share with the world....
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Is best site to pick up the good jewellery......
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Information on loose diamonds and diamond jewelry
Provides all the necessary information on diamonds. About its cut color clarity also information on various diamond jewelry....
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Fashion Jewelry
Bayrou Fashion Jewelry Specialist...
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Samantha Rose Designs Blog
An American company that brings together fresh, inspired jewelry products and designs from around the world. We sell and blog about jewelry like necklace, earrings, bracelets, wedding accessories, and custom-made pearl jewelry pieces tips....
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Recycled Jewelry
Recycled Jewelry featured at Terra Trendz is eco friendly and affordable. Local artists handcraft Recycled Glass into trendy glass jewelry. Find all the latest designs and trends in Recycled Fashion Jewelry that is Green and chic yet inexpensive....
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Jewelry Fashion and Style Blog - Jewel Your Life's Jewelry Blog will keep you up to date on
the latest news, hottest trends, and the most useful information in
the jewelry industry....
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jbEbert - Pearls, gems and a little bling
As a jewelry designer, I blog about my design process, style, fashion, other blogs, new finds, humor, my life, and anything else that comes to mind....
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Sands of the world
Explore all the unique, exotic and beautiful sands of mother earth with us. We not only look a what makes these precious grains rare, we also explore the culture and people that are associated with the place. As we embark on new adventure, join us in reading about all the beaches and deserts that make up the different grains of the world....
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Old South Jewelry Box Blog
Short ​Blogs about Movies, TV shows, Actors & Actresses, Horror, Rock & Metal Bands, Jewelry, Crafting and DIY- Comments Welcome...
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